Global Trading and Sourcing Department

We built our reputation in excellence, providing our customers global Trading Services.

Through our expertise in the Trade Industry, we succeed in providing our customers with the broad range of products needed to increase their sales and business opportunities.

Ambassador of made in Europe    and specially made in France 

Our mission:

  • Be your purchasing partner for your urgent, punctual or recurring needs
  • Identify the best source of supply (national and international) to meet your budget and qualitative criteria
  • Support the entire purchasing process (from the LOI to the Shipping set of documents) with efficient tracking of your orders
  • Identify and develop new suppliers internationally
  • Conduct audits of selected suppliers to ensure a sustainable solution to your purchases
  • Broaden the range of suitable suppliers for your market
  • Help you in drafting your specifications in order to carry out your international tenders.
  • Allow you to access preferential rates at our partner suppliers

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