Real Estate

The Vistaglobal company is mandated for French and European brands by a Chinese company that is the owner of Goldland International Plaza,
a shopping center, now under construction.
This intermediation mandate aims to approach and connect a principal partner with the Chinese company , which can rent all or part of Goldland International Plaza,
through its own brands and other franchised or independent French and international brands, priority in categories such as:>/span>

  • Food and non-food (3000/4000 m²)
  • Catering
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Beauty & Health
  • Culture & Multi Media
  • House Sport & Outdoor Services


Joseph Mugnes manager and founder of Vistaglobal, has formed a partnership with BCI and Hospitality & Co, to research, connect and accompany until the signature of the lease the principal partner in charge of research and rental of the premises of the Goldland International Plaza.
Hospitality & Co is a company founded in the United Arab Emirates by Nicolas Talon, specializing in the hospitality, catering, retail and
commercial development sectors in the Middle East.
BCI led by Alain Bourgeon is leading a trading and sourcing business, import / export to Asia mainly



  • True transportation hub between Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao. Close to 5 airports.
  • Dense road and rail networks. New Zhuhai-Hong Kong Bridge and high speed train.
  • Proximity to 4 major seaports


  • True transportation hub between Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau. Close to 5 airports.
  • Modern infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, roads)
  • Local connectivity (public, road and rail transportation network)
  • Regional / national / international connectivity
  • 33 kms of underground synthetic tunnels
  • Smart City

The Greater Bay Cluster, one of the most dynamic regions, which is to become the first World economic zone.



  • 55 900 km²
  • 70 million inhabitants
  • 220 million passagers in 2017
  • GDP 2017 : 1513 billion us$ – GDP per capita: 23 K us$
  • 11,8% of China GDP.
  • Sea transport : 7499 TEU
  • 65% of tertiary activities


  • Le new Zhuhai-HK bridge and the high speed train line Shenzhen-Canton-Shanghai-Pékin
  • Exceptional economic dynamism turned towards new technologies and new industries (telephone, electric vehicules, artificial intelligence)


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